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Facilities Management

Electrical Contracts

Elm Site can offer an integrated capability within any service contract to provide electrical contracting and maintenance operation or alternatively provide it as a stand alone service.

Combined Mechanical & Electrical

Elm Site Services operate combined, mechanical, electrical services, either as a part of a combined contract, or as a stand alone operation for clients as required.


We operate three levels of roofing service for its clients.Our integrated care capability involves a proactive programme of general upkeep, repair and maintenance to ensure that our client’s roofs are kept in a serviceable and good condition.

Lift Maintenance

Our lift maintenance service covers a range of manufacturers equipment both for elevators and escalators.

Air Conditioning

Elm Site's Air Conditioning and refrigeration maintenance department is able to provide excellent service solution for clients.

Handyman Service

Our Handyman service is one of those things that once it has been integrated into a contract can become indispensable; Having a skilled tradesman, carpenter, fitter available means that for a simple standard charge jobs can be done as they need to be done.

Civil & Construction

Elm Site Civil & Construction capability is part of our overall services offering within large service contracts.

2nd Tier Contractor Management

Elm Site Services are able to take over or commission contracts for designated services requested by its clients.

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