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Facilities Management

2nd Tier Contract Management

Elm Site Services are able to take over or commission contracts for designated services requested by its clients. Frequently clients own management function is dedicated to their core business and they ask us to manage the more routine aspects of their provision.

Where a client has a portfolio of pre established services or supply contracts Elm Site are able to take control of the management function. It is sometimes necessary either due to warranty, Safety requirements or single source restrictions that orders are pre designated and will not change. Elm Site takes the day to day administration and management of these contracts from Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost & Environment.

We are able to offer improved management of these activities from both a lower administrative cost base and from ongoing focus benefiting in improved control and future cost. We endeavour with our client’s agreement to condense contracts where multiple service providers are capable of carting out the same function without compromising service.

Rail Engineering
Refurb & Fitout
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